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Source: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/vatican_mafia02.htm

Avro Manhattan: “The Vatican in world politics.”

Through 20 chapters and 400 pages, you can analyze the reality of what the National Catholicism of the Vatican or the Catholic Church is. It is anything but a center of Christianity. Her power, totalitarianism and politics in the New World after the world wars, her participation in the Spanish Civil war with Italian and German fascists, her powers in the United States, Latin America, and Europe, her plans for material and spiritual dominion etc . . . Avro lectures have been a surprise to me, and it is this best seller author who has taught me.

Avro’s “The Vatican’s Holocaust” describes the inquisition which Catholicism still practices, her political powers and how she is the fulfillment of the Apocalyptic prophecies, which confirm her as the Harlot and mother of all abominations (Rev. 17 -18). He encourages Christians to study the diabolical role which the Vatican is playing in modern times; how she has changed Christianity after the second Vatican Council, and how the Catholic Church participated in the Croatian Holocaust and in the ethnic cleansing wars in Yugoslavia.

As an expert Vaticanist, he documents his affirmations with apodictic witnesses and facts about the Vatican’s diabolical plan in Croatia, Yugoslavia, with the names of Catholic bishops and priests who worked as exterminators in the Concentration Campus. These books are included in the INDEX. The Vatican is not interested in the truth. Thus she proceeds when she is exposed.

Avro proves how the Vatican and United States’ Catholics defend the fascist criminals and their alliances with the International Mafia; and how the Vatican has been the stronghold of drug trafficking etc , . . and how she is responsible for the massacres between fanatical racist serbs, croatians, Mecedonians, Albananians, kosovians which are horrifying us in these moments in which I write as they exterminate each other and millions are cast out of the country.

In “The Vatican Billions,” Avro describes how the popes have robbed whole nations, their various stocks, both material and spiritual, and how they have converted (the) National Catholicism or the Vatican State, though it is the smallest in territory, into the greatest economical and political power in the world. He mentions her pacts with Russia, her multinational businesses, her banks and enterprises, with names and places, and her pacts and agreements with the capitalism of the USA, her plans for universal power and programs to exterminate all her opponents and the separated churches.

In 34 chapters you can know how the Catholic church is the owner of more than one third of all the riches and stocks of both Europe and America at the end of this century. When you read my writings about the corruptions of the Vatican and her churches and hierarchies, as the Vaticanist authors I refer to also define, it is possible that you may ask yourself how this could be possible as we come to the third Millennium. How has this been kept hidden from us?

My opinion is that there have been numerous reasons. There have been very few who have had the privilege to delve into and study the English books which have been excommunicated without fear. I thank my lord for having been able to dedicate my whole life to the study of what Christianity is and what Catholicism is. As a result, now being 73 years old and retired, I have been able to produce 20 books on the subject of Christianity and Catholicism. And I can back them with my two doctorates, mastery in Divinity, and my personal experiences as a priest and Monseñor  and as a Protestant minister in diverse denominations, teaching in both their civil and Pontifical seminaries and universities, and possessing a personal library of two thousand Vaticanist’s volumes.

Another of Avro Manhattans documented books is “Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth Century.” In this book of 25 chapters, the author unfolds the reality of what the Vatican really is. It is a completely different history from the false history which Catholics have been forced to believe. He documents how the Vatican is the biggest spiritual and seductive machinery on this earth.

He documents and shows how the Vatican interferes with the Constitutions of Democracies, and how the Catholic Church obstructs the social and economical development in all Nations whose governments officiate Catholicism, provoking Civil Wars and supporting guerrilla bands, as she does in Spain and Latin America. He demonstrates and proves her great political powers and how she infiltrates capitalist and Protestant groups, her religious orders being the ancient Roman legions which carry out the consigns of National Catholicism.

He shows how Catholics are bound to total and unconditional obedience, under the sub -penalty of mortal sin, by the oaths placed upon them by the hierarchies. Thousands of Valiant religious clerics who are disposed to obey the infallible consigns of the Vatican’s War, at the cry of Hail Christ the king! But regardless of how much they entreat the dispensations of the vows or oaths which they make to him, they are still mocked and forgotten, without compensation or retirement rights, never mind that they had dedicated their whole lives as faithful workers at his service. If they refuse to obey, their rights are trampled and they are treated inhumanely. In my memoirs, I write about this.

He shows how Catholics are first citizens of the Vatican, then citizens of the Nations wherein they were born, second: That they are bound to respect the ecclesiastical commandments, their canons and dogmas first, laws imposed on their conscience from the moment of baptism as an infant until death. And that they must confirm them as divine laws and superior to the human laws of any government.

They are Satanically placed under oath and possessed in their souls. He says that the Vatican and her popes deny all power of the people, and they rebuff the “Magna Carta” of the Democratic Constitutions, not only of the French and American revolutions but of all those governments which refuse to make pacts with and ally themselves to the laws of the Councils of the episcopalian synods, which all emanate from papal infallibility.

Therefore, they hinder the economical and spiritual progress of the peoples and governments called Catholic, which the times demand, and keep them in the crisis and ignorance which we see. If we compare the progresses of the Protestant nations which have reformed and separated from Catholicism intellectually, socially and economically, to the backwardness of the Catholic Peoples, we observe that they are morally and materially superior. He demonstrates the open warfare against and desires to exterminate the separated Christian groups; the persecutions, terrorist espionage, defamation and slander against her opponents, denying them their rights to freedom of expression and conscience.

The author says in closing:


Are we not seeing it?

All that is affirmed by one of the most rewarded and documented Vaticanist authors in Europe, whose works are translated into forty languages, but is prohibited and censured in Spanish. Study horn so you can understand my articles and the other face of a false and Satanic coin which has made us believe the lie for the truth the Vatican.

The servant was ignorant to the true literature about the Vatican and its dark side. All I knew was what I had learned from memory and heard from my youth in the seminary. It never even crossed my mind that there might be a Vatican mafia, or that the Catholic religion could be directed from the Vatican by Satan.

Avro Manhattan was the first to show me this; and thereby I was able to discover the Pandora box and start unpacking the very secret and diabolical Vatican, whose Mafia is connected the world over using Christianity.

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