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The Vaticanologist writer and ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin, in his 14 books on the Vatican, documents the reality of the corruption of the Catholic Church; and he is a witness from inside the Vatican, where he exercised his functions as a historian and Jesuit, and formed part of the elite Jesuits which dominate the Vatican’s offices, and was a member of the Vatican Mafia. Thus he describes it in his 14 books. I invite the elector to his books. You’ll be amazed.

For the Catholic and study of Christian and Catholic history, ex-Jesuit Malachi’s books are indispensable for coming to know the truth about what the Vatican and her Catholic Churches really are. His documents and investigations have opened my eyes and conscience, as well as many other lector’s who have been deceived with only Catholic history, and who ignored reality. His documentations are a gold mine of truth which the Vatican wishes to hide and silence.

In his 655 page book “Vatican,” which comes in a literary for, the ex-Jesuit Malachi opens over eyes and conscience to the truth of the Vatican, and shows how he was a personal witness in the Vatican of all he describes; though at time, to avoid endangering the personages which are still alive, he changes the names and refuses to jeopardize them.


In he book “The Jesuits The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church,” Malachi shows that he is an eminent theologian, an expert on the Catholic Church, an authority as a professor in the Pontifical Biblical Institute of the Vatican, and the national author of the most sold best sellers “The Vatican, The Final Conclave, and Hostage the Devil.”

He graduated with two doctorates in Semitic languages, archaeology and oriental history and studied in Oxford University. And above all, he served the famous Jesuit Cardinal A. Bea in Rome and dedicated himself to Pope John Paul XXIII in New York to expose the corruption of National Catholicism -its political, economical and religious Mafias. His book and documentation affirm me. another of the books that I recommend you to read is “Rich Church Poor Church.”

You shall be amazed at the economical power of the Vatican, and of her social and political programs which she is carrying out to take over the riches of the democratic governments. He documents in his chapter IV, titled “Capitalism and Catholicism,” how she is deceiving democracy’s by showing herself as a poor church to multiply the offerings of the believing Catholics.

He shows how Jesus Christ’s message of poverty and spirituality, of providing for the poor with the offerings of God, are converted into worldly investments, and how she is steadily seizing banks and keeps Catholics who ignore the Vatican’s riches deceived; how she is seizing national budgets in the name of the poor, and how she directs USA charities and federal funds. Read the book “The American Pope The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman,” by John Cooney, about its struggles for economical power and the robberies of public assistance and USA budgets.

This minister has written a book which I titled “The Finances of the Vatican” in which I show, as Malachi does, the Multinational Mercantilism that the Vatican controls, and whereby she sells and buys the souls of corrupt Capitalists for the very Satan. I am a witness and saw it, and unfortunately I was a part of it. But I repent today for having ignored it. I was a victim of brainwashing -12 years of seminary dehumanized me and I’ve paid the consequences.

Another book that I recommend is “The Decline and of the Roman Church.” In 307 pages it narrates that the true history of what Christianity is and what Catholicism is -two distinct histories after pacting with Constantine the Emperor in 312 A.D.; and how down the centuries she separated herself from the genuine biblical teachings and message of Salvation of Jesus Christ and has converted herself into what she is today -an unspiritual earthy empire. It quotes Pope Paul VI’s words when he said: “The Devil has entered the church, there is smoke around the alter.”

That is the true reality of the Catholic Church and her Popes turned antichrists. There works prove it: They fulfill the prophecies of revelation 13. Do you know the beast with the number 666? Why deceive yourselves? Malachi Martin writes another best seller titled “Three Popes and the Cardinals.” Through 300 pages he documents, as in all his 14 books, the obscure and unknown Mafia face of the Vaticano, and this face is not the one of sanctity which her writers and Catholic hierarchy have made us believe by their false teachings.

He describes how when a Catholic is baptized, never mind that he was hust born a week before, he is from that point on bound Satanically to satanic esoteric beliefs and obligations until the day he dies; and how he then lives the rest of his life in the clutches of forces or extraterrestrial energies which convert him into a fanatic and which brainwashes him into living a Catholic instead of a natural or individual morality. He is enslaved with vows and promises taught to be of God, but which only make him a committed member of Satan’s evil host.

The Vatican’s fruits and conduct prove it. Malachi narrates also the powerful force and modern technological machinery which the Vatican employs to surprise reformers and infiltrate the separated evangelical groups, and the clear objectives of the Pope’s trips and compromises with the presidents of Nations called Catholic; and how she utilizes the Internet, Satellites, international journalism, radio broadcasts and hundreds of television programs, with apparitions of Mary and esoteric miracles.

His book “Decline and fall of the Catholic Church” is also very detailed and wherein he describes the apostasies of Catholicism from Christ Jessus’ teachings since Emperor Constantine’s time: how the serpent Satan slowly takes over the Roman Catholic Church, the influence of the popes in the Western culture to change its moral principles and natural laws and their desire to form “A NEW WORLD ORDER” with ONE STATE, ONE BANK and ONE RELIGION and do away with the present regime.

He goes over the fall of God’s people (i.e. Jews) in the old Testament and its consequences, and The Vatican Mafia the way Popes lie and turn into Capitalist lords and refuse to accept the reformations of Christian democrats, and how they mock all the preachers and Saints whom God sends to his people -martyrizing, slandering and persecuting them.

He relates the empire of the Satanic (New Testament) Babylon and her contempt for the divine commandments; and last the Satanic power of her intellectuals and monks, who are taking over education and brainwashes ignorant believers concerning the Middle Ages. Thus she maintains until this 20th century, preaching the lie as the truth and the New Church of the second Vatican council, which has very little Christianity.

The hour has come to unmask the dragon 666 (Rev. 14:18). He comments on the reign Of the last Pope and the final fall of this dragon with the seven heads and of the Antichrist of the battle of Armageddon who defines the victory of Christ against the Antichrist.

He narrates the historical situations of National Catholicism in Ireland and Poland, and how John Paul II, the political Vicar if Satan, shall show himself as the Vicar of Christ and shall keep sincere believers confused by making them interpret the book of Revelation falsely according to his fancy, and how the ecumenism which he is implanting shall ally and Satanize Protestant groups -they are being programmed for the next Millennium.

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