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The Vatican Mafia – 02, Chapter 25 – THE VATICAN USA DE NINOLO BELLO

Source: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/vatican_mafia02.htm


Among other books which I recommend you read are Nino Lo Bello’s “The Empire” and ‘The Vatican USA.” Nino Lo Bello was a journalist living in Rome who served as a correspondent for business week and McGraw -Hill World News, for the journal of commerce, and New York Herald Tribune. His writings have been translated internationally and from them I excerpt the following words of RV. P. Richard Ginnder, National Columnist:

“The Catholic Church must be the biggest Corporation in the United States. We have a branch office in every neighborhood. Our asset and real estate holdings must exceed those of standard oil, A. T& T and U.S. steel combined.”

In other words, the riches of the Catholic Mafia are superior to and double those of the most powerful businesses of the USA. Through 12 chapters, the author analyzes the dioceses and states of the USA and narrates the properties of their convents and parishes, their bank accounts, businesses and participation in the dividends which she receives, with the names of multinational businesses, bishops, and clergymen.

He opens one of the most brilliantly written pages of the biggest Capitalist country in the world, two thirds of whose treasures and gold reserves pertain to the Vatican. Do you see why Catholicism dominates in the USA? Nino Lo Bello closes by affirming that the Catholic Church’s stocks in the USA are estimated to be 800.000 Trillions; without even counting the Vatican’s investments in insurance companies; without counting her businesses which appear disguised in the names of other very Catholic people, generally, which receive part of their benefits; The Vatican Mafia and not even counting the welfare organizations and radio and television stations, the majority of which are in the hands of Vatican money.


This fact is very stealthily hidden: they prohibit anti-Catholic programs.

The truth about the Vatican’s finances and about the dulce Vita of her Clergymen, which claim to be under vows of poverty, and that she is a poor church, is bitter to the Catholic. But today, in the century of democracies, freedom of opinion and investigation, we no longer accept fairy tales; and less are we so ignorant as to believe they are Christians. Is it possible that she may be the church of Christ?

You have the facts about her enrichment and moral degeneracy, answer this yourself. I find that the major problem of the spiritual crisis into which Catholicism has plunged us is that for centuries we have been taught scholastic doctrines and philosophies of pure speculations, dialectical theories of emotions, Sensationalisms, constant persecution of the natural laws of human reason, the distorting of metaphysical reality, their essences, nature, and substances; that is, that they have wanted to Catholicize material sciences, when Christianity is spiritual and its kingdom is not of this world.

I find by my personal experiences and above all by my scientific investigations, that there is an unfathomable chasm among the eclectic, esoteric, and agnostic teachings of the Catholic theologians of Romanism which very few people can discover, have written a book on this subject.

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